Wednesday, October 16, 2013


white SAVED tee from Kherev shirts

Rings from Peaches On Top. Gold watch from Cotton On

Thanks Penny for the photos! <3

Imagine yourself standing at the gate of heaven when you die and God asks you,
"Why would I let you in?" 
what could be your answer? would you remind Him of all
the good things you've done here on earth like how kind you were with your neighbors?
or how patient you have been with that annoying girl seated beside you in class?
How you never cheated? Or lied?  Or cursed anyone ever? 
Or maybe how you never missed going to church every week?

Nope. We cannot brag about these things to God because in Isaiah 64:6,
Our good deeds, our righteous acts were just compared to filthy rags. 
We all wither and fall like leaves, and like a wind, our sins take us away.
We cannot enter the Kingdom of heaven by just being a "good" person,
for we are all sinners. Sinners don't deserve to be in heaven.
But because of Christ's death, by His blood, we are saved.

It is only by His grace that we have been saved through our faith. 
It is a gift of God and not from ourselves. Not because of anything we've done right
So that no one can boast. This verse can be found in Ephesians 2:8-9.

So, why would God let you in? :)

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