Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Boho love

I've always loved dressing up, wearing whatever I feel like. And boho style is something that I am so in to. "Boho" is short for Bohemian, a native in Bohemia. I did a little research about it and I've learned that bohemian is also a person with artistic or literary interests who disregards conventional standards of behavior. And that boho fashion is considered as a state of mind rather than "just a fashion trend that will fade in time". I bet the people there are very stylish! <3

 This is my boho style dress. I got this from a thrift store in Cubao 
for only P125. Fab find right? :) 

I paired it with this lovely lovebirds connector ring. 

and with these shoes. Feet-Off (with Iella). hahahaha!!! :))

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I love big bags. It's because every time I'm in a hurry, I usually forget lots of things, my phone, my wallet, my hanky, anything! But with big bags, you can literally just dump everything in and you'd still look neat.

Here is my today's look:
With my trusty "Dump-it-all" bag.
This is my favorite bag of all. I got this from a friend who's in Taiwan. She's selling bags on Facebook. You can click the link below to lead you to her Facebook account. :)!/album.php?fbid=10150160604162571&id=818782570&aid=362644

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Last training week

These are my work outfits for the past week. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to bring my camera last Monday so I don't have a picture of my outfit that day. anyway, here are the pictures:

Tuesday 03.22.11
Feeling all girly with this Jewels mini dress and Sabato white flats

Wednesday 03.23.11
I love wearing Jumpsuits. It's so comfortable and yet so elegant looking. I usually pair it with black pumps. but since I don't have a car yet and I'll need a lot of walking to go to work, I just borrowed these peep-toe shoes from my mom (good thing we have the same size!). And because I'll wear it in office, I have to put on a blazer.  

Thursday 03.24.11
I don't feel like dressing up today so I just put on these gray jeans with this vintage looking top I got from a thrift store, and this tawny heels with gold studs; which is one of my favorite pair from my shoe collection.

Friday 03.25.11
Summer is definitely here! I'm so loving these shades that I got from a department store for only P250 (woot! woot!) <3 
This red cropped cardigan and blue denim-like skirt both from a thrift store. White tee is an online buy and i just painted it. Crocs for my flats and Genevieve for the fedora hat.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

bye bye love.. :(

sigh.. it's really hard to let go of something really precious to you. I love shoes, I really do. I even made it as a topic for my thesis back in college. I have less than 30 pairs. But of course I can't wear it all at the same time so unfortunately, some of it are starting to be depleted.


sad. :'(

What I paired these heels with:
10.10.09  (Iella's debut)

03.06.09 (Regine's birthday party)

07.02.10 (photo shoot)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Surprise! Surprise!

It's my favorite nephew's birthday today! And his parents planned a surprise party for him. oh how I love surprises! And children parties too! ..with all those loot bags, mascots and balloons, it's so much fun! :D 

Here is Lance:
Happy birthday!! <3

what I wore:
Fedora hat from Onesimus
Online buy puffed sleeves white shirt
Robot necklace from Vietnam 
black and white striped trousers from a thrift store
black Chanel chain purse
black Janylin suede boots

Me and my friend Iella:
 No, we didn't talk about wearing stripes today, it's just that great minds really do think alike! hahaha!! :))

Style Bible

Haha!! I'm on for their "look of the day" <3

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shopping day!

Shopping day is my favorite day of all! It's not in our today's agenda though. Supposedly we're just going to have a dinner at Mann Hann but then we dropped by the department store after eating. We got there just a few minutes before the mall closes. I got 2 tops, a gray dress and a navy blue blazer. :)

What I wore:

laced top: from a thrift shop in Cubao
(I got it for only P30) :)
bag: Egg 
flats: Crocs

 my nail art for this week:
 Hot pink Leopard print
I made it all by myself and I'm proud of it even though it's a bit messy. :))

I'm a fan!

I went to Jason Magbanua's BIO video fest last Tuesday with my sister. I'd say Jason Magbanua is the best wedding videographer, he holds tripod like it's as light as a paper. His works are timeless, I adore him. I just have to have an autograph and a picture with him! When I get married, I will surely ask him to capture my wedding. I've also had the chance to have a picture with Ian Cruz and the people behind Mayad Studios! <3

 with Ian Cruz
 Mayad Studios
Jason Magbanua

What I wore:
dress: online buy (P250 only! <3 ) 
Purse: Chanel
Boots from Janylin

Fashion blogging

I am so into reading fashion blogs from random bloggers for quite some time now. And i really admire them because of how they were able to have a really wonderful taste when it comes to choosing the right clothes to pair with the right shoes to make a perfect outfit! To name a few, my favorite Pinay bloggers are Tricia Gosingtian, Saab Magalona and Lloyda of Fashionista fortune cookie. And they are the ones who have inspired me to make one for myself! weeeee!!! <3