Monday, October 28, 2013


NO SIN white muscle shirt from Kherev shirts
Arm swag from Knots O Love
Shoes bought in Shoebox, Trinoma

Most of us (if not all) use the excuse "tao lang, nagkakasala" (i'm only human, i sin) but do you know that it's possible for us, humans not to sin?
I know many will find it hard to believe, but if you read 1Peter 1:16, it says there that the Lord commands us to be holy for He is holy. 

So how are we going to do it, you ask? The Lord gave us instructions that we can read in 1Peter 1:13-15. To prepare our minds for action and be self controlled; 
to set our hopes fully on the grace of God. Be obedient and do not conform to the evil desires we've had when we lived in ignorance.
And YES, be holy in ALL that we do just as how Christ who has called us is holy.

"HoIiness" is such a big word, i know. How are we suppose to live holy like how Christ is, in this crazy, evil world?
Sounds so difficult indeed! Ofcourse we couldn't do it all by ourselves. It's impossible for us to go walk around the earth being "holy" like that, without a help from God.
In Genesis 17:1 He commanded the same to Abram (which God changed to Abraham in verse 5), and there He referred to Himself as "El Shaddai" 

The word "El Shaddai" means God being the All-Sufficient One. And "sufficient" meaning, enough to meet the needs of a situation.
Like how a baby sucks at the breast of its mom to get all the nutrition, the strength, and everything the baby needs to grow;
God too wants us to rely in Him, to yield in Him in every situation because He is the All-Sufficient One, He is El Shaddai!
He is the enough source of strength for us to overcome whatever circumstances that we are in.
All we need to do is to yield in Him, so we can live a life that is holy and acceptable to the Lord. <3

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