Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My first LOOKBOOK post

I've been longing to have a LOOKBOOK account ever-since. I love dressing up everywhere I go, in whatever occassion, and so
I thought of having a compilation of my favorite looks here online.
Me and my friend caramel made a tumblr account that we named: Hunny&Caramel. We do weekly themed fashion shoots and post it there. But unfortunately, we weren't able to update it for almost a year now. Haha!!! And then I decided to make one for my own but in chictopia. And then another one here at blogger. And then, at FashionSalade.  And now, finally, at LOOKBOOK!!! :D
So here is my first LB post:

Go Hype now! :D

Here are the links to my account: