Saturday, March 26, 2011

Last training week

These are my work outfits for the past week. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to bring my camera last Monday so I don't have a picture of my outfit that day. anyway, here are the pictures:

Tuesday 03.22.11
Feeling all girly with this Jewels mini dress and Sabato white flats

Wednesday 03.23.11
I love wearing Jumpsuits. It's so comfortable and yet so elegant looking. I usually pair it with black pumps. but since I don't have a car yet and I'll need a lot of walking to go to work, I just borrowed these peep-toe shoes from my mom (good thing we have the same size!). And because I'll wear it in office, I have to put on a blazer.  

Thursday 03.24.11
I don't feel like dressing up today so I just put on these gray jeans with this vintage looking top I got from a thrift store, and this tawny heels with gold studs; which is one of my favorite pair from my shoe collection.

Friday 03.25.11
Summer is definitely here! I'm so loving these shades that I got from a department store for only P250 (woot! woot!) <3 
This red cropped cardigan and blue denim-like skirt both from a thrift store. White tee is an online buy and i just painted it. Crocs for my flats and Genevieve for the fedora hat.

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